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Laboratoire d’excellence - Religions et Sociétés dans le Monde méditerranéen
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Boursier Fernand Braudel

- Domaines de recherche :
Philosophie antique, Platon et Aristote, Tradition des commentateurs : Themistius, École d’Alexandrie : Ammonius Hermeiou et Ioannes Philoponus, Simplicius.

- Axe B1 : Rationalité et religion

-  Projet de recherche en cours : « Philoponus on Divine Nature »
My research project will be focusing on the investigation of Philoponus’ religious views and their relation to Philoponus’ rational philosophical commitments. A major question to be raised in my research would be : does the Platonic and Aristotelian education of Philoponus influence his later theological views on the question of God’s nature ? I aim to consider Philoponus’ views of the three divine hypostases of Christianity, as far as we are able to do so from Philoponus’ theological works, namely the Arbiter and the fragmentary On the Trinity. However, other theological texts of Philoponus that survive in syrian manuscripts (and Latin translations of the 20th century) may be of great importance for my purpose.

- Thèse soutenue : « Philoponus on τόπος. Redefining Place in Late Antiquity » (2013)

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