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DOSOO Korshi

Greek concepts of Peace in Coptic literature

-  Axe du labex concerné  : C2

- Domaine de recherche
Religion in Egypt from the Ptolemaic through to the early Islamic period, with
a particular focus on social, linguistic, and historiographical questions.

- Thèse
Rituals of Apparition in the Theban Magical Library
Sous la direction de Malcolm Choat

- Projet de recherche en cours pour le Labex
This project proposes a study of the transfer of terminology of “peace”, and its associated concepts, from Greek to Egyptian from c.300 BCE to c.1000 CE, focusing on the use of the lemma eirēnē (“peace”) in Coptic texts. The first stage will examine the background to this borrowing, looking at conceptions of “peace” in
Greek and Egyptian texts before the development of the Coptic language, with particular attention to bilingual Egyptian/Greek texts in which eirēnē appears in the Greek portion. The second stage will look at translations of eirēnē in three bodies of Christian literature translated from Greek into Coptic – the Bible (namely the Septuagint and New Testament), the Apophthegmata Patrum, and the surviving Gnostic texts.
The third stage will examine how these imported conceptions of peace are reflected in texts composed in Coptic which use eirēnē as a loanword, focusing on documentary and sub-literary texts.

-  Bourses et distinctions
2014 Macquarie University Gale Graeco-Roman Travelling Scholarship
2014 Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fellowship
2013 Society for the Study of Early Christianity Travel Grant
2010-2014 Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship
AU$22,500 p/a

- Parcours professionnel
2014-present Research Assistant
Department of Studies in Religion, Sydney University.
Project : The production and function of art and design elements in ancient texts and
artefacts of ritual power from Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean region.
Chief Investigators : Professor Iain Gardner and Dr Jay Johnston.
2012-2014 Research Assistant
Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University.
Project : Scribal Practice in Duplicate Documents on Papyrus from Graeco-Roman
Chief Investigators : Professor Heike Behlmer, Drs Malcolm Choat, Jennifer

- Publications-clefs

  • ‘Magical discourses, ritual collections : Cultural trends and private interests in Egyptian handbooks and archives’, in J. Urbanik, et. al. (eds.) : Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Journal of Juristic Papyrology Supplement (Forthcoming, 10 pages ; submitted February 2014 and accepted for publication).
  • ‘P.Heid.Inv.Kopt.95 : Fragments of Biblical Poetry’ in Anne Boud’hors, Alain Delattre, Sebastian Richter, Gesa Schenke & Georg Schmelz (eds.) : Coptica Palatina. Koptische Texte, bearbeitet auf der 4. Internationalen Sommerschule für Koptische Papyrologie. Veröffentlichungen aus der Heidelberger Papyrussammlung (Forthcoming, 10 pages ; submitted October 2013 and accepted for publication).
  • ‘Baktiotha : The Origin of a Magical Name in P.Macq. I 1’, in A. Camplani & P. Buzi (eds.) : Proceedings of the X International Congress of Coptic Studies (Forthcoming, 8 pages ; submitted July 2013).

- Adresse mail

Sorbonne Université
Orient Méditerranée - UMR 8167
Paris Sorbonne Université
Sorbonne Université - Université Paris 1
École Pratique des Hautes Études
Centre Léon Robin sur la pensée antique
Patrimoines et Langages Musicaux
Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes
Archéologies d'Orient et d'Occident et textes anciens (AOROC) - UMR8546

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